Sponsorship Promoter

Receive free clothes from us monthly! We'd be happy to dress you up ~

To receive clothes, you must register with our tab system!

It is easy for us to keep track of how many sales you have made for us! If you bring a lot of sales min 15 orders, we will contact you through email.

All you need to do is enter your email and you'll get a link that you can share. If you share that link and someone clicks on it and buys something from us, you'll get 1 point. It doesn't hurt to share links of cute things :D Please make sure your link has /?lnkhr=[CODE] at the end of it when you post so the orders can be recorded!

It is 100% safe to enter your email address. It is needed to track your orders~ So please don't feel unsafe with us


All you need to do is:

1. Pick an item you would like to share to your followers

2. Click the Promoter tab on your left

3. Enter your email

4. Copy the link you receive

5. Post the link anywhere you think your followers will click and hope they will buy the item!


To make some sales without constantly posting, we have provided banners for you to use!

Tutorial time!

1. Pick a banner you like and copy the code underneath it.

2. Replace the [LINK] with your own link from the Promoter tab 

3. Place it on your blog, tell your followers and wait for the points!


These links can be used anywhere! Put it on your about me on facebook, your about me on instagram, put the links in your tumblr posts, put the link in your facebook post etc.

We recommend tumblr the most because your pictures can be reblogged many times and the link will always be shown to whoever is looking at the picture! We also recommend to put the banner on your blog and also be active with sharing links.

One of our promoters have made more than 150 points! Imagine all the clothes you could have ^^