Affiliate Program

We open a new Affiliate Program just for you!
Because we want to give everyone a chance

How does it works?

  • Make sure to follow all the step here below, our system runs automatically!
  • Email us @
  • Subject Affiliate Program
  • Write: I love to join the Affiliate Program
  • Write your Instagram name so we can make you a discount code! sample "
  • your username will be your code!
  • you will receive a email back : [yourcodename] Active Share Link:
  • Means your code will work
  • Emailing us means you agree our terms


What to do next?

  • You can go promoting in many ways such as referring your code to friends and family or using photos of our items to promote, etc.
  • The code contains 10% off the whole order
  • When someone use your code you will receive 1 point count only for 1 order not per product
  • If someone Cancel/Refund the order you will receive 0 points
  • When you reach 15 points you will receive $60 Gift Card
  • Do not promote you code on our media links we will delete your discount code immediately 


How do i know how many points i have?

  • Every end of the month you can email us
  • Subject: Affiliate Program
  • Write: I want to know how many sales + [yourcodename]
  • We will email you back with a screenshot of you discount code


How can i quit? 

  • Email us
  • Subject: Affiliate Program
  • Write: i want to quit discount code name: [yourcodename]


Good Luck Cuties!